Acting is a common dream outside of being an athlete or entertainer.

Acting classes are extremely important for any actor, and the classes you take are even more important. For new actors in the Los Angeles area, there is a new acting school from the popular Point Blank Music School which created an acting division. After nearly 30 years on the cutting edge of music education, Point Blank Music School is announcing their intent to go beyond their traditional music school offerings, launching a brand new acting and performance art program under the name of: Acting On Screen.

Taking an acting class – in Hollywood or anywhere else – is a tried and tested way to learn how to become a better actor or actress and break into the industry. And while acting classes will improve your speaking, movement, and facial expressions so that you can become a more convincing and engaging performer, surely the point of an acting class taken in 2023 must be to go beyond ‘acting methods’ and into preparing the modern actor for the ‘on-set’ realities of TV and movie acting world of today.

British actor Adam Levy has been selected to spearhead this new endeavor in the heart of Hollywood, at Point Blank’s new Hollywood campus located off of La Brea Avenue. Adam Levy’s credits include Knightfall (History Channel), Snatch (Sony Crackle, Supergirl Season 4 (CW Network), The Witcher (Netflix), as well as many other notable roles.

For those questions, we asked our friends at Point Blank Music School to give us the lowdown on what they offer in their new ‘Acting On Screen’ acting class. It turns out that the process of acting on screen for TV & movies is teachable on several levels and we were surprised at how much can be covered over the course over a few months of study.

Acting schools like Point Blank are preparing modern actors for modern roles in modern productions. If you’re serious about pursuing an acting career, consider enrolling in courses that cover these critical aspects of today’s acting. Auditioning is a critical skill for actors, as it’s how you land your roles. In Hollywood, auditioning often involves self-taping and submitting digital files to casting directors, and so they go over those aspects in detail. Classes for Acting On Screen will begin April 10th, 2023, with 2 additional terms scheduled for later in the year.

Analyzing scripts is a critical skill for actors, especially new actors, as it allows them to understand their character’s motivations, backstory, and emotional arc. This understanding helps actors create a more nuanced and realistic performance, and inhabiting characters with confidence and emotion requires actors to be vulnerable and authentic. It involves using personal experiences and emotions to create a believable character that resonates with the audience.

You learn ‘the system’ in fine detail while on these acting classes. Knowing what to expect on set is essential for actors as it helps them prepare mentally and physically for the demands of the job. This includes understanding the hierarchy of the production team, the roles of various crew members, and the etiquette and safety protocols on set.

Behaving professionally on- and off-camera is critical for actors, as it can impact their reputation and future job opportunities. This includes being punctual, respectful, and collaborative with other cast and crew members.

As mentioned, they are starting are now enrolling students for their brand new ‘Acting On Screen’ acting course, which is set to begin on April 10th, 2023 – with more classes planned throughout 2023.