Platinum-certified Los Angeles quintet, Hollywood Undead will release the deluxe version of their eighth studio album Hotel Kalifornia on April 28 in both digital and vinyl formats. (Press photo by Paige Margulies)

The vinyl deluxe will feature five new tracks including “Evil,” which was released today!  The digital deluxe version will also feature an exclusive bonus track “House of Mirrors” featuring multi-genre sensation Jelly Roll.



Hotel Kalifornia, originally released in 2022, represents “a juxtaposition between the ‘haves’ and the ’have-nots,’ highlighting the ongoing homelessness and cost of living crisis that is affecting the band’s home state of California.” The 14-track album highlights the best aspects of what Hollywood Undead has become known for, garnering support from Revolver, SPIN,New Noise Magazine. Hotel Kalifornia also saw placements on genre playlists such asSpotify’s Rock Hard, Hard Rock & Rock Rotation, Apple Music’s Breaking Hard Rock & New in Rock, and Top 40 placement at US Rock & Active Rock Radio with the standout single “City Of The Dead.”

  1. CHAOS
  2. World War Me
  3. Ruin My Life
  4. Hourglass
  5. Go To War
  6. Alone At The Top
  7. Wild In These Streets
  8. Dangerous
  9. Lion Eyes
  10. Trap God
  11. Happy When I Die
  12. Reclaim
  13. City Of The Dead
  14. Alright
  15. Evil
  16. Salvation
  17. First Class Suicide
  18. Ransom
  19. Break On Through
  20. House Of Mirrors (feat. Jelly Roll)*