In his first Grand Rapids headlining performance, viral sensation Spencer Crandall more than proved his ability to rub shoulders with the biggest names in country music.

Spencer Crandall is a new breed of country superstar. A self-made success story that owes a great deal of debt to the TikTok algorithm, Spencer has achieved notoriety for his pitch-perfect blend of pop and country music. His 2022 album, Western, showcased that he is made for more than radio singles and wedding playlists, but his latest tour has cemented the Denver native as the future of the genre.

Flannel and beer filled every corner of Elevation at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when Crandall took the stage on January 19. A makeup date for a postponed performance on the highly-anticipated Western tour, Crandall stormed the stage with undeniable energy and a boisterous personality. It was clear he came to party and that it would be on the huddled midwesterners in the crowd to match what he brought to the stage.

The bright lights of the stage revealed a diverse crowd of friends and lovers of all ages, many already screaming along at the top of their lungs. Tallboys, hands, and phones were thrust into the air after a spoken word intro gave way to “There Is A Fire.” The chorus of slightly inebriated fans grew louder as the setlist gave way to hits like “Didn’t Do” and a pair of incredible covers (Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One” and Justin Bieber’s “Anyone”). Not everyone knew every word, but that didn’t matter. The vibes were good, the band was tight, and even the saddest songs rang out with a silver lining of hope.

But if the measure of success was the audience’s ability to return Crandall’s energy, then there was never a question about the answer. 

From the moment he hit the stage, Spencer Crandall made it clear he was more than a face first discovered on TikTok. His fans may have forged a connection with him through their screens, but in Elevation that night, it was clear they had stumbled upon something even greater. Like all successful musicians, Crandall has created a sense of community. If you attend the Western tour, then you’re part of it. If you listen to Western, you’re part of it. If you let Crandall’s face stay on your For You page for more than a split-second before scrolling through the endless content on TikTok—you’re part of it.