It’s magic.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer O Cinnedi is one of the most prodigal artists in the current spectrum of dance music. Today, she delivers the grand finale of The Seven Deadly Sins: “Wrath”. O Cinnedi has spent over a year working on her origin story as an artist, The Seven Deadly Sins. This innovative project takes a dive into a darker side of music with a complex yet captivating storyline.

“This project was to make you uncomfortable, it was never built to make you feel good or to follow the superficial aspects of social media,” she says. “This was supposed to make you cringe, overthink and introspect when watching my stories, my content, and even with my music. I am here to make you think.”

The shadowy hypnotic sequences of bass throughout the track take full control of the listener’s mind, body, and spirit, locking them in for its entirety. “Wrath” paints the picture that your trauma will always be with you, so it is up to you to find the strength to bury it in the past and move forward. This epic conclusion will go down in history as the end of a transformative project that shapes the future of EDM and entertainment.

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Check out the new song by O Cinnedi below.