Every person reacts differently when they have a lot of work to complete during a given day. Perhaps you have left all your week’s errands for one afternoon, or you have many projects that remain uncompleted at work.

Finding the inspiration, motivation, or discipline to get cracking is not always easy. You may spend too much time procrastinating on social media rather than getting a head start on your to-do list.

One of the best ways to improve your focus and bring up your energy levels is by listening to exciting music. Finding songs to get you hyped can make all the difference if you are attempting to be productive on a particular day.

Below are ten of the best songs to pump you up enough to handle any task at work or around the house.


1. HAIM – The Wire

There are few music styles better for rocking out to while working than 80’s rock music. HAIM is a band featuring three sisters, and they have impressed general audiences and critics with their Hall and Oates-style songs for the past few years.

“The Wire” is both upbeat and goofy enough to motivate you to get through any work that you are attempting to finish. There are plenty of bass elements in the song, while the chorus is great fun, especially if you sing along.

2. Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Arcade Fire is one of the most popular indie bands at present. Their song, “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)”, is a smash hit and a great addition to any motivation playlist. 

The song features a driving staccato style that Arcade Fire created, and it eventually builds up to an outstanding chorus. If you enjoy this song, you may want to sample some of their other hits as well. Most Arcade Fire songs are great for motivation.

3. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

You would be hard-pressed to find a person 16 years or older who has not heard “Eye of the Tiger” many times in their life. The song may be simple, cheesy, and overplayed, but there is a reason that is the case!

“Eye of the Tiger” is the perfect song to make yourself feel bigger, stronger, and more productive. If you are having any doubts regarding your ability to finish work on your time, blast this song at full volume on your headphones as you get productive.

4. U2 – Beautiful Day

A classic rock song from one of the most influential bands in the world, “Beautiful Day” by U2, is another perfect tune for motivation. The song is easy to listen to in the background, while you can also sing along to give yourself a few moments break from the task you are handling.

“Beautiful Day” is the perfect way to start your day, especially if you have a lot to do. Sip on your coffee, play this song, and you will find yourself motivated to finish every task.



5. Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

When you want to become more productive, discipline does not always work. Perhaps you are exhausted and not feeling your greatest. Rather than giving up on your work, you can listen to “The House That Heaven Built” by Japandroids.

The song is perfect for increasing your motivation, as the punk rock anthem is extremely energetic and fast-paced. The singer shouts nearly every line in the song, while the incredible guitar work and drums do not let up for a second either.

6. Journey – Any Way You Want It

One of the old school hair-metal songs that you have to listen to every few years, “Any Way You Want It” from Journey, is similar to “Eye of the Tiger” during its initial beats but becomes markedly unique soon after.

Such classic rock songs are perfect for motivation. The beats and lyrics are simple enough to enjoy while you work, while the music has enough uniqueness to keep you entertained for the duration of the song.

7. Kye Kye – Broke

“Broke” by Kye Kye is a unique tune, as it features incredible highs and subtle lows. The synth rock track is perfect for experiencing a little bit of calm, and then amping yourself up to get moving and get to work.

Every time there is a little drop in the tune, you can push yourself to start working. You will be surprised at how much you can get done while you listen to “Broke!”



8. Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden

A lot of people do not realize that if you want to get work done, you do not necessarily have to experience loud and intense music. You can use the above songs to get yourself in the mood to work or to break out of a rut.

When you feel more alert and focused, you can use music such as “Secret Garden” by Bruce Springsteen to stay productive and continue working. The song is beautiful, entrancing, and soothing.

9. Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man

Another great rock song that can serve dual purposes, “Little Lion Man”, is perfect for getting in the mood to work, or focusing, so you can complete more tasks during the next hour.

The band has an old-school vibe that stretches from their aesthetic to sound, which is why Mumford and Sons has such a huge following around the world.

10. Christina Aguilera – Fighter

We round off this list with a great song for elevating your mood and making you more energetic. “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera is the ultimate pop, pick me up tune.

Listening to this song for a few minutes will make you feel more capable, powerful, intense, and motivated. Rather than lagging behind on your work, Fighter will help you get everything done in record time.