Unstoppable musical force Migrant Motel return to make headlines worldwide with the infectious and unforgettable music video for their latest single, “Shame.”

There was a report a few months back you can Google when time allows that asked Gen Z and younger what draws them to live entertainment. Many of the answers were what you would likely expect. People want to see their favorite songs and artists live (duh), and they want to make memories with their friends. But there was another driving force in their decision making, and it’s one that hasn’t really been documented before now: Today’s generation chooses their music and their live experiences based on “vibes” above all else. You can be a massive talent or an underground nobody—as long as you create that undeniable kind of energy we all yearn to discover, then the kids believe you’re worth their time.

If you feel the same, then Migrant Motel‘s “Shame” is a song you need to know.

Pouncing into existence with a bouncy beat and catchy melody, “Shame” addresses the shame felt by people caught between who they are and who they are working to become. With lines about being rockstars nobody knows, the song stems from a personal place and will easily resonate with dreamers everywhere. After all, who can claim they are, in fact, living their dreams? Most of us are, at best, actively working toward a vaguely defined goal that is based on a combination of personal desires and the ever-incessant need for external recognition. In other words, we’re dealing with shame, and Migrant Motel have given us the anthem we deserve.

While the song may have culturally relevant references to things such as TikTok, the message is timeless. You can read a thousand texts on philosophy and listen to all the podcasts that you can stand, but creative people must learn to live in the discomfort of knowing you possess volumes. There may never come a time when you feel fulfilled. You could easily spend your life chasing something that doesn’t exist, and that’s perfectly fine as long as you can zoom out to see the big picture. If you are pursuing your passion in any way you are already doing more than most people ever achieve. Each step may come and go feeling as though you are a million miles from your destination, there is nothing waiting at the end. The journey is the point. The work is the point. Learn to live in the discomfort, and your battle with shame with evolve in healthy rather than destructive ways.

Speaking about the video premiering exclusively on Substream this afternoon, Migrant Motel’s David Stewart says:

“I directed the video and had a blast doing it! We shot it around LA with my Director of Photography Victor Ingles, who is a master behind the camera. It was nerve wracking to drive the car with a huge mounted camera on the hood… I think the camera rig was more expensive than the car. The last day of the shoot was the parking lot scene and it was amazing to see it all come together: The big lights and the crane shots, I felt like a little Steven Spielberg – it was awesome.”

Migrant Motel will be releasing more new music in 2023, and will likely be touring by summer. Check back for more updates.