Chicago’s Jssan takes his music to the next level with the release of his liberating new single, “City Of Mine.” An uplifting track that clears your mind and exhibits the rising star’s carefree attitude over the clever lyrics and infectious production. In the lyrics, Jssan shows the beauty in his city but cautions listeners of the pitfalls around every corner. “I’m from a city where you gotta keep yo eyes and yo ears open / Balloons in the sky mommas heartbroken, She told you not to hang with em you let em in, Gotta love yourself kick back and take five,” Jssan sings.

“City of Mine” offers wide appeal as he speaks from the perspective of someone who has been a witness to the many trials and tribulations of the windy city. As is widely known, the city is considered ‘windy’ not for its weather but for its politics and the sentiment still holds true today. Glamorous on the outside but often destructive on the inside, Chicago is a bittersweet taste with a lot to offer as well as a lot standing in the way. Raised in the city of Chicago, he is inspired by the countless talents that were present in his upbringing; inspirations include but are not limited to, Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B.

Jssan accrued popularity with the success of his debut single, “Okay,” in 2020. He would go on to solidify himself with last year’s breakout track “NoNo.” For newfound fans, “City Of Mine” is the perfect origin point as the new star continues to ascend to greatness with a forthcoming album on the way. Chicago is known for some of music’s biggest stars, Jssan is following suit. Stay tuned.

Stream “City Of Mine” below.

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