Florida’s rising star Michael Jigstyle doesn’t forget his dancing roots as he becomes a new artist while honoring his family in the new music video “Queen Momma.” In his latest release, Jigstyle remembers the late-family matriarch as he relives important moments and lessons bestowed upon him. “After my teacher (Grandmother) passed away in 2020 during the quarantine lockdown, something snapped in my spirits,” Jigstyle shared in the video’s press release. “I was the last person she saw. I made a promise to her that I will elevate this family to the best of my ability with the Talent she always saw in me since I was a kid in NYC and Jamaica. I dedicated a this song to my grandmother and to every who lost someone to covid or during the lockdown. I called it ‘Queen Momma’.”

Along with his grandmother, Jigstyle dedicated “Queen Momma” to all those lost during the global COVID-19 pandemic that occurred in 2020 to 2021. The latest single follows the new star’s 2020 quarantined-driven EP, titled The Quarantine Come Up. Jigstyle’s breakout effort includes five standout tracks with a guest feature by Mike Smiff. The project solidified Jigstyle as more than just a championed dancer.

Michael Jigstyle’s resume includes a record-holding dance career. Began dancing in high school, he traveled the world for over 10-plus years. He’s starred in commercials, music videos, world tours, cruise lines, so much more. And as a recording artist, Michael steps into the limelight with all the attention on him and the charts will soon follow.

“Queen Momma” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan to hop on the rising star’s bandwagon. The song is merely the beginning to more to come from Michael Jigstyle that will lead to big things in 2023. When asked what’s next, he said: “My mission now, going into 2023, is to inspire others to not only continue the Art of music and Dance together in the music industry but to elevate the star quality of a dancer being the forefront of Artistry and not just the background filling. With this mission, my goal is to find an investor that will help fund my TV Show idea that will change myself and my families life for generations to come. It’s going to start with getting peoples attention from my Upcoming music project in 2023 on my YouTube channel. I’m also building my own record label, NTSTRZ Ent. filled with artists’ that can sing or rap but most of all, have dancing experience.”

Stay updated on everything Michael Jigstyle on social media. “Queen Momma” is available everywhere you stream your music via Ji Productions/NTSTRZ. Watch “Queen Momma” below.