Artists of all kinds were always taking a special place on social media platforms from the moment of their creation: an opportunity to put forward new tracks and other creations for free and a chance to form a fan base quickly and easily was highly appreciated by everyone who was trying to spread a word about their content. In 2022 it is still very important to manage social media pages and put in effort so that more people are able to discover your music or any other type of art: but development has become harder in general, because the number of talented creators on social media is off the scale today. 

In this text we will give beginner musicians some tips on how they can promote their page on IG in 2022: we will talk about a possibility to buy Instagram followers, join activity chats and comment on other posts – can all of that possibly give you your first hundreds of subs? Totally. 

What can you do for free?

If you’re ready to spend some time on the platform, you should definitely join activity chats and comment on the posts of other big bloggers. In activity chats content creators, artists and brand owners exchange the links to the posts that they want to support, and all the other members of the chats leave them likes, comments, and save the posts. You can share the link to your post as well, but be ready to provide a favor in return – this is why we say that this one will take some time and effort from you. 

Commenting is also time and energy consuming: you can leave comments under the posts of other big artists or bloggers from that niche, hoping to be able to interact with the audience that’s interested in this type of content. However, once again, you’re going to spend hours on the pages of other people, talking to their listeners and viewers. Yes, this one will totally help you to gather your first hundreds of subs, but it won’t be convenient to you on a long term basis. 

What is quicker and more efficient? 

To buy real Instagram followers, of course. This option can help you with increasing the number of subscribers and at the same time can do miracles to your statistics. If you’d take on authentic and real subs, Instagram algorithms will see that your posts are getting way more interactions with the real pages now, therefore, it is worthy to recommend that content to more people who might be potentially interested in it. And this is exactly how a paid service can induce natural growth!

Summing up

There are many more free tips and tricks that you can find online, and though some of them are worth trying, all of them are going to take lots of time and effort from you which you could spend on more important things – generating content, creating music, posting regularly and getting ready for concerts and meetings. However, there are paid alternatives, which are totally worth the game: with them you will be able to give your page a boost and spare yourself lots of time on better things to do.