Rising indie pop star Little Hurt is back with his latest—and potentially greatest—single to date.

There is no getting around it—Breakups suck. Whether you’ve been together for three months or three decades, separations are hard on everyone and can create ripple effects that permeate throughout your life. Little Hurt (Colin Dieden) knows this truth all too well, and he’s given the world a perfect anthem for processing love lost.

“Cooler If I Did” is a song Dieden never planned to write. I’m not sure he would’ve accepted the terms if you had told him how it came into existence, but heartbroken music fans everywhere are better off because of his suffering. The infectious track came about in the aftermath of a relationship that was particularly difficult to process. Here’s the story as only he can tell it:

“Cooler If U Did’ was a song that was written after I went through a really difficult breakup. I got together with Jordan Witzigreuter from The Ready Set and my friend Ryan Baharloo and we rented a house in Venice Beach. It was a great, creative environment where we wrote a song together so I could get my mind off the situation”.

“Cooler If U Did” is an interesting song to me because I feel like it spans multiple genres. It’s an Alternative Rock song with pop sensibilities and R&B melodies scattered all over it, as well as moments in the post chorus that have an edgier rock sound”.

You can stream the song below:

We wouldn’t wish heartache on our worst enemy, but one has to admit that Little Hurt is gifted at turning strained relationships into musical gold. Whether you’re struggling with the desire to run away from your problems as he describes in “Alaska” or trying to get over the one who got away, Dieden is writing a handbook for broken hearts with cross-generational appeal.

Where Little Hurt goes from here is anyone’s guess, but that’s not the question we should concern ourselves with answering. Instead, every person who hears this song should ask themselves what they could do to make Little Hurt as big as he deserves to become. He’s got the songs, the charisma, and the personality, but he needs the backing of diehard music fans like you—our Substream readers—to reach a wider market. Little Hurt is the future, but it’s on you and me to fulfill the promise of his sound.

Do yourself and those you love a favor: Tell someone you know about Little Hurt today. You can thank me later.