Introducing Cauthen Vaughn: A multi-faceted entrepreneur, CEO, manager, and A&R — who thrives for the excellence, perseverance, and love of the culture.

Born in Sacramento, California on November 5, 1979, Cauthen began pursuing a career in the entertainment and business arenas as early as his teen years. In pursuit of his dream and driven by a passion for film, television, and music — the Cali-native dedicates his life’s work to perfecting his craft.

After graduating high school, Cauthen relocated from the West Coast to the South of the Country. Specifically to the ATL — to realize his ‘middle-school’ dream of attending Morehouse College (Atlanta, Georgia). While attending Morehouse College as a business major, he also nurtured his interests in acting, modeling, songwriting, and theatre.

Upon graduation, Cauthen immersed himself in both the fields of entertainment and corporate business. At that time, he wisely chose to remain in Atlanta to capitalize on the alumni network that naturally developed around him.

By 2016, Cauthen decided to relocate to the Big Apple. (NYC). That’s when he started his journey as an A&R, joining one of the major labels of the world, Universal Music Group (UMG). Just two years later, he worked with another powerhouse, Def Jam, fully transitioning to the A&R role.

To further expand his A&R services, Cauthen started his own management company in 2019, WeR1 Productions, located in Los Angeles. He was then named ‘Label Head‘ of 9th Insight Group, which was founded in 2021.

Working with many leading contributors in the entertainment industry, Cauthen continues to surpass the goals he has set for himself. In addition to running his own management company and label, Cauthen continues to support the underprivileged through his volunteer and donation efforts.

Vaughn is easily considered a household name within the industry thus far, and it’s simply just the beginning of what he has planned.

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