Kaysin is one of the fastest rising new stars in today’s dance music. His role in house music even extends beyond his solo artist career; he’s also a tastemaker for Lee Foss’ imprints Repopulate Mars and sister-label South of Saturn. His release on Thrive Music launches a busy summer and fall release schedule that sees him offering new remixes, partnering on several collaborations, and perhaps even dropping a new record with the home label from Chicago.

Kaysin’s catalog of releases over the last few years showcases his development as an artist, with “Keep Me Waiting” now becoming perhaps the cream of the crop atop his discography. He aims to push the boundaries of his sound one release after another, only dropping what he believes is the very best that his fans deserve.

Substream’s Bryson “Boom” Paul catches up with the rising star while he prepares for the upcoming campaign, making various stops in major markets, to speak on today’s sound and his future in the genre. Read full interview below.

[Bryson “Boom” Paul]: “Keep Me Waiting,” is a fun vibe! What type of message do you hope people take away from it?

[Kaysin]: Thank you! I’m not sure that I’m trying to push a certain message with the song…but I really hope people enjoy it! I wanted to make something that was extremely energetic and fast-paced, but also had melodic elements that were memorable. This was my first time doing any sort of a piano house type of breakdown and I loved it, so I’ll probably aim to do that again in future productions.

Do you have a favorite venue or city to play at?

I love playing in my home city of Los Angeles because I always have so many of my friends come out to the shows. Otherwise, I would say Las Vegas & Miami have always been a great time.

What artists are you currently loving to listen to or are catching your eye?

I have been listening to a bunch of Fred Again’s music lately – he’s incredible! I also really like DJ Seinfield….his latest album is amazing.

Do you favor any other music genres besides house?

Absolutely. I love techno, drum & bass (as well as other bass music), hip hop, and even some rock/alternative. I’m a music lover in general, so I have some love for basically every single genre.

Who do you think was the main role model in regards to putting you on a path for music?

I (and everybody else) absolutely loved deadmau5….I thought his way of making music was so cool. So I would say he was definitely a really big early inspiration for me.

What are you most excited about for the future?

I’m excited to keep pushing the Kaysin project and see how far it can go! I’m excited to release new music and keep trying to push boundaries and think outside of the box when I can. And I am definitely excited to continue touring and playing new cities & festivals. Hope to see some of you out there on the road.

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