The future kings of rock call themselves Dark Below, and today, we’re bringing you their latest music video for “Tense.”

You don’t need a newspaper to know that the world is a mess. From record high temperatures to wildfires, political unrest, food shortages, pipeline delays, and the ongoing global pandemic, it’s easy to lose hope. We couldn’t blame you if you gave up on humanity entirely. We’ve been there ourselves. What we cannot accept, however, are these people who give up on themselves. Dark Below feels the same way, and today, we are bringing you a single that reminds you that your feelings are valid.

“Tense” is the latest song from the fast-rising rock band Dark Below. The song features driving riffs and thunderous percussion backing smooth vocals that offer comfort amid the chaos of existence. The band’s Josh Campbell says, “The song is about anxiety/hypochondria and describes the feelings and struggles associated with the condition. We want people to know it’s OK not to be OK and that we all have periods of stress, doubt and worry.  We’re lucky to have this creative outlet of music to help express those emotions, and we hope it resonates with fans.”

The video was directed by Juan Ibanez (Ashland, The Many Colored Death) and it was filmed at his studio in St. Louis, MO. Performance videos are commonplace these days, but Dark Below wanted to make “Tense” special. Here’s Josh Campbell on the experience of making his first video:

“I think the main thing that stood out to me is how hot it was. Once everything was set up and ready to go, we had to wait a bit because it was so humid that it was actually foggy in the room. Going into making the video, I was pretty nervous since I hadn’t been part of making one before, but Juan was really great to work with and helped put us at ease by just being laid back and telling us not to worry about making mistakes. I’ll admit that making the video was a hell of a workout. With the heat and just having to play the song over and over, giving it everything I had, it was definitely not easy!”

Given the quality of songwriting on display, it seems safe to say the men of Dark Below have many more video shoots in their future.