Matt Cohen, best known as viral Tik-Tok star matty co., makes his formal debut in music with the release of the anticipated hit “Won’t Do,” out now via own imprint. For his debut, matty co. desires to call out toxic situations and rid himself of them applies a personal struggle to the greater situation our society has been facing since the height of 2020. The song builds naturally both musically and lyrically as we follow rising crescendos and matty’s inviting vocal delivery, encouraging listeners to dance the tension away from beginning to end. Stream it now, below.

“The lyrics of “Won’t Do” began on the first page of the journal that I kept during the pandemic. It’s self-explanatory and applicable. This was the first song I recorded as a solo artist and it feels only natural for it to be the first released.”

He continued: “I think we can all remember where we were in the beginning of 2020 as the world came to a sudden halt. The feelings we felt, the sights we were seeing. It was uneasy and uncertain. For the first time at least in my lifetime, there was a universal experience that could have been met with empathy and unification but instead spiraled into division, anger, and anxiety.”

Best known for his involvement in Los Angeles’ NEW LANGUAGE and as a touring member of Teenage Wrist (Epitaph Records) and Holy Wars (Version iii), but it isn’t until now that he is stepping into the spotlight with the launch of this artist highly anticipated project that has been teased over the last year. A southern California native, matty has been playing and touring with his own groups since before he can remember, but it isn’t until now that he has stepped into the spotlight on his own.

Stream the debut above and watch the song’s visualizer below.