Lights, camera, jackpot, oh, I mean action. Casino movies are a popular thing and some of them a worth watching. And we even made a list for you.


Gambling has existed in our lives for a long time, and its popularity is not fading. There is such a city as Las Vegas, online casinos are thriving. Not surprisingly, movies are made about casinos, and many of them became blockbusters in their time. An element of the game is what you need for an exciting movie about gambling. 

We know what a struggle it is to choose a movie to watch. Your streaming service offers many of them, but it does not ease the situation. The only thing that can compare to this is to search for the best payout online casino on the Internet. We will help you with the first, and we trust you with the second. Perhaps one of the movies will tell you where to look for the highest payout online casinos.



Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

There are several ways to withdraw money from the casino. The heroes of this movie have decided an unconventional path.  Steven Soderberg’s motion picture tells the story of a group of fraudsters who decide to rob three casinos in Las Vegas. Famous stars, a tense plot, poker, slots, and an unexpected twist in the finale — what else is needed.


Casino Royale (2006)

In this film, James Bond was allowed to do everything he loves. Chases, shootings, investigations, women, alcohol, and this time — a poker. The casino is one of the main characters around which the plot revolves. Bond has to play against the dangerous terrorist Le Chiffre, and the stakes in this poker game are too high.


Rain Man (1988)

This film uses the casino as a background against which the drama unfolds. The two main characters are brothers. The first is a man with autism but with a well-developed intellect, played by Dustin Hoffman, the second is a narcissistic man, played by Tom Cruise. Cruz’s hero realizes that he can use his brother’s unique memory to count cards in blackjack. It works. But will it help build a normal relationship between the brothers?


The Hangover (2009)

What can go wrong when friends offer to hold a bachelor party in Las Vegas? That’s right — everything. A trip to the casino is the starting point in this comedy. Interestingly, there is a reference to the previous movie on the list. Then the characters struggle with the consequences of their exceptionally fun night. This hilarious comedy with a Mike Tyson’s cameo tells the new meaning of the phrase “to find a friend.” See for yourself.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

The main character here is played by Johnny Depp, so it is immediately clear that the plot will be extravagant. Not about welcome bonus and free spins. This movie shows the world of casinos from the dark side. First of all, this is due to the main characters’ drug abuse. You’ve seen memes about the long list of things they took with them on a trip to Las Vegas.


Casino (1995)

Casinos and money are inextricably linked. Martin Scorsese adds greed, gangsters, murders, and what is left of old friendships to them. For the main roles, he takes Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci — already famous actors. The casino is again the backdrop for dramatic events. Glamour mixed with shooting, luxury casinos with evil intentions of the antagonist. All that makes Casino one of the best movies about gambling


Rounders (1998)

It’s no secret that you need to be smart enough to play poker. Matt Damon’s character is just like that. Maybe he liked this image from the movie Good Will Hunting. This is a story about friendship, perseverance, and a great talent for playing poker. And the danger to spice it up.




The movie industry loves casinos and shows it in many ways. It could be a story about extraordinary minds who win easily in blackjack and poker games. It can also be a story about a money heist. You can find comedies where playing in a casino is just a good start of the night, and dramas where the urge for money overshadows people’s minds.


All you have to remember is that gambling movies are fiction and exaggerations can be used. In real life, casino trips are less dramatic, players are less sketchy, unless you have 11 friends with a puzzling past.