In a world where rock fans are desperate for fresh ideas, Fight The Fade delivers a future-facing hit with “Lost It All.”

There are only so many stories to tell. You have people vs. nature, people vs. one another, people vs. the supernatural, and—perhaps most interesting of all—people vs. themselves. Fight The Fade are masters of the latter, and the latest single from their upcoming FIXT Music debut leaves no room for debate.

Falling somewhere between Linkin Park and the groups currently topping mainstream rock radio with a twist of electronic influence, “Lost It All” presents Fight The Fade at their absolute best. The song features everything rock fans want, from soaring hooks to hard-hitting riffs that don’t quit, and it’s delivered with the high-level production fans of FIXT have come to expect.

More importantly, “Lost It All” continues Fight The Fade’s penchant for documenting the human condition with unflinching honesty. The track deals with the decisions we make, the consequences of our actions, both known and unknown, and the limits of our ability to control fate. Rather than sugarcoat reality or sell false hope for quick blessings, Fight The Fade encourages listeners to fight for the life they want. It’s about making tough choices and taking the necessary action to see them through.

Substream is proud to premiere “Lost It All” a full day ahead of its release on streaming services. Check it out:


Speaking about the track, Fight The Fade tells us:

“‘Lost It All’ is an anthem for anyone who feels like it’s time to cut ties and maybe even intentionally burn some bridges with toxic people, habits, relationships, or even traits within yourself. Sometimes for something healthy to grow, it requires a little pruning. This song is about making the decision to do just that.”

“Lost It All” is the latest in a series of singles that Fight The Fade began releasing last year in anticipation of their forthcoming album, APOPHYSITIS, which is due out later this year.

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