Released in mid-April, Thai-Australian alt-R&B artist, RICEWINE, released his 18- track album “Lovesick.”

RICEWINE is the solo endeavor of 20-year-old Talae Rodden, and he exudes originality by crafting a resonance unrestrained by genre and focused more on feelings than sonic borders.

The artist grew up in a small country town outside of Melbourne, Australia, but often traveled to Thailand to visit family. Feeling like a stranger in his hometown, a feeling a lot of us have experienced before, Rodden used this sense of isolation as creative fuel to create music. 

This 18-track release draws feelings from longing and heartache associated with relationships, while also reminding listeners that self-love should be held up above all. 

“Love can be sickening. True love can turn your world upside down, and completely change your life,” says RICEWINE. “You can’t plan it, nor can you predict it; you just have to go with the flow. I dedicate this album to that feeling, we’ve all been a little lovesick at some point in our lives.”

The title track serves as the cumulation of RICEWINE’s feelings making this record. “Lovesick” shows off what he does best, bringing in different genres to create his own established sound. It’s an excellent conclusion to the album that displays deeply layered stories of growing up too fast in places you didn’t even want to be in, and how learning to love yourself is the only way to move forward from a past you’re no longer are tied to.

This album is available on all streaming services.