Rising Atlanta recording artist, QNova, is soaring into the mainstream atmosphere with her buzzing new single that praise women for the beautiful Queens they are, properly-titled “Talk Yo Sh*t Sis.”

On the new hit, newfound fans are formally introduced to a ferocious QNova delivering an empowering message about fearless, self-love, ownership and having the ability to spoil themselves. With inspiring wordplay, catchy hook, and magnetic energy, the song may be for the bossy crowd but will resonate with everyone in love with the hustle and succeed.

“Counting stacks, hey Siri what’s the balance,” raps QNova. ” Money fiend, shopping sprees, not one of them don’t play with me / I can buy my own if I want but he pays for me / I’m a fashion freak / My clothes match my feet / And I slay myself / Hair and nails and face beat.”

Now about QNova, born Quachavious Ellison, outside of music, she is an academic scholar. Graduated from Ashford University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts Sociology in Arts and Sciences, she was also awarded Magna Cum Laude. An entrepreneur, Ellison is a certified hair and nail tech and creates natural homemade soap and candles.

Entering the industry in 2019 with the debut single “I’m So Hype,” but it was her follow-up hit “Check Up” that appeared on Snoop Dogg’s 2019 mixtape The Return of Doggystyle Records. The song’s popularity earned the emerging star featured appearances on a wide range of radio shows, like Hot 107.9, Streetz Atlanta 94.5, and Canda’s 97.7 Outlaw FM. In 2020, QNova released four new songs, including the breakouts “Let’s Get Paid” and “Uh Oh,” which capitalized on the momentum from “Check Up.”

“Talk Yo Sh*t Sis” buzz sets up a breakthrough 2022 for QNova, who promised more new music on the way and, eventually, an anticipated debut album. QNova’s latest hit is available everywhere via own imprint. Follow the new artist on social media for daily updates, new music and more.

Stream QNova’s new hit below, and check out her complete catalog on all DSPs.