Los Angeles’ Midnight Divide is crafted somewhere in that space between days; an alternative-rock group that’s magnetically charged and have been fiercely entertaining audiences since late-2015. The band — comprised of Austen Moret (vocals/guitars/keys), Jace McPartland (bass), Dan Beltran (lead guitar), and Bryan King (drums) — dropped their debut EP, Embrace The Wave, back in 2015 and haven’t looked back since.

It didn’t take too long for Midnight Divide to follow-up that release up with their second EP, Dichotomy, in 2017. This allowed them to catch the ears of major music supervisors, landing them placements and TV syncs of Torn and Animal Eyes on TNT’s Animal Kingdom. The lead single off of the EP, “Fireline,” even received placement on the critically-acclaimed Shameless in season 9, and “Let It Be Known” getting another placement on the show earlier this year.

Midnight Divide is gearing up to release their third EP, Weapons Grade Amnesia, later this fall. The band is currently produced and mixed by Moret at his Hollywood studio, Silverside Recording. Now, Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with the band to exclusively premiere their new single, “Who Do You Think That You Are.” It’s an electric track that showcases where the band is going, while honoring where they’ve been — driven by thumping bass work done by McPartland.

Check out the song for yourself below.


On the track, Moret tells Substream, “Of anything we’ve done to date, this new record has felt like the most unadulterated version of what we want to sound like. It’s this blend of all our favorite real rock elements (live drums, bass, guitars, etc.), but it’s got this shiny, synthy, almost pop-like sheen over it. … it feels like we’ve pulled off the mask on who we are … and it feels really damn good.”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

August 10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Madame Siam