Quality loudspeakers are challenging to find, especially with the wide variety available in the market. But let’s face it. Choosing from a reputable brand such as Morel may guarantee a speaker that you will use and enjoy for years. Such manufacturers have a reputation among loudspeaker enthusiasts for producing some of the best loudspeakers you can find in the market.

The Fat Lady is a prime example of a speaker unit you should consider buying the next time shopping for a quality loudspeaker for your home. What makes it a superb choice? And why should you buy it? Stick around since we will review these flagship loudspeakers from Morel in this article.

The manufacturer’s reputation

Before we discuss the speaker, let’s first understand the speaker’s origin. Generally, the speaker comes from Morel. If you are an audiophile, you definitely know that the manufacturer is famous for the wide range of speakers they invent.

The brand goes out of the norm to develop quality speakers that provide the required experience when listening to music.

Let’s talk about the design

The Fat Lady is a flagship loudspeaker for Morel for many reasons. One is the design. According to the manufacturer, the designers spent more than three years developing a design that music lovers would adore.

First, these speakers feature two 9-inch woofers at the bottom, a six-inch mid-range speaker, a 1.1-inch tweeter, and a ported cabinet. The loudspeaker offers a curved design, which contributes to the appearance and sound qualities of the speaker.

We also cannot ignore the sturdy cabinet whose design was inspired by aircraft and racing cars. It features fiberglass, epoxy resin, and carbon fiber.

The Fat Lady’s sound quality

Although these loudspeakers are not that big, you can be sure that you will get massive sound and performance from them. Technically, this four-drive loudspeaker will provide a full range sound of between 40Hz to 15kHz, even without connecting it to crossover. Meaning you can hear the sounds of each instrument as they would sound in a live event.

Even though the cabinet is small, the materials used to make these speakers enhance the speaker’s sound and bass qualities. The cabinet is empty; hence, this ensures that the enclosure vibrates in a controlled manner and reduces internal damping. The bass qualities are also transparent without distortion or delays whatsoever.

Setting up the speakers

Once you buy the Fat Lady, be assured that you don’t need to create a lot of space in your living room. The loudspeakers are small, and they can fit into any environment easily, regardless of the acoustic design. Additionally, the speakers are aesthetic, thanks to the high gloss carbon fiber composite.

Setting the speakers is easy. The manufacturer provides a manual for the setups. It’s also best to get a reliable person who can assist with the setup to get the best out of your new speakers.

Bottom line – Should you buy these speakers?

The Fat Lady is a high-end speaker that stands out among so many brands in the market. In fact, it won the 2009 Ces Design and Engineering innovation award. Thus, you can be sure that this investment will guarantee you many years of listening to clean and precise music.