Los Angeles Indie Pop’s Ian Oshér seeks to find himself while embarking on his own journey for the new song, “Never Alone,” released today via aliens.

Exploring the dynamics of independence; Ian’s lyrics prove that being apart can actually bring two people closer together and “Never Alone” provides a unique glimpse at love while keeping spirituality in the conversation. His engaging vocal delivery proves reminiscent of early 2000’s pop-punk but with a modern twist, appealing to a wide range of listening demographics. On “Never Alone,” he recites:

“But in an instant, A spark and light / A moment in time, An eye meets and eye / And they remember they’re never alone.”

“Never Alone” is the latest addition to Oshér’s long-term goals for his music are dedicated to distributing a message of self-care, healing and the beauty of self-expression. A 2021 artist-to-watch, Oshér is best known for his 2018 breakout track, “Crazy Eyes.” Since, he has fortified a core following with buzzing tracks “Under Pressure,” “Love It Again” and “Cruise.” For new fans, “Never Alone” is the perfect origin point to begin their journey with the rising star, which is expected to deliver a full-length effort in 2022.

After “Never Alone,” for more on Ian Oshér, follow him on social media. Stream the new single below.