Seattle all-trans post-hardcore outfit FOXCULT release new single, “WORMHOLE”, cementing themselves in a style the quartet calls “stargaze”; dense, emotional, and introspective shoegaze set against a backdrop of space fantasy and exploration.

Taking place following the events of the group’s debut EP, THE INDIGO FAULT, “WORMHOLE” is a track of massive scale that sees FOXCULT offer a turbulent and serene reintroduction to their expanding, enigmatic universe.

FOXCULT’s first self release single hit in February of 2023 titled “Haunted”.

The band quickly followed up with another single in April titled “The Garden” and again in August with “Glacier”, their first release under the label Adventure Cat Records. “Glacier” was self-produced by FOXCULT and mixed by Sam Guaiana(Silverstein, Like Pacific, Young Culture, Between You & Me) and mastered by Mike Kalajian(Armor For Sleep, Papa Roach, Drug Church, Hopesfall).

I November of 2023, the band released it’s first EP “The Indigo Fault”. In recent interviews, the band has expressed their appreciation and openness they have received from their label Adventure Cat Records stating, “Most labels nowadays like to drive bands into certain directions. At Adventure Cat we are allowed to be us, unapologetically. We are openly trans & fiercely queer and our music is representative of that. We have a story that we want to tell, to an amazing & diverse group of people who are often underrepresented and Adventure Cat allows us the freedom to do just that.” (Quote credit from an interview with