Teamwork makes the dream work.

In today’s entertainment industry, promotional campaigns are just as important as the product’s quality — especially in music and film. Without the proper promotion, a designated product is underwhelming, which will lead to poor sales. When choosing a promotional company, it’s a must to enlist a company with a stellar track record… Introducing Trillest Entertainment.

A successful resume that includes campaigns with plenty of the most iconic names in music, like The Lox, DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg, and many more. The ten-year-plus company has separated itself from others with its creative marketing strategies and exclusivity. In the company’s infancy, first in the family to graduate college Anthony turns his passion into a successful global digital marketing firm where he now makes 6 figures and supports his family abroad.

“What makes us (Trillest Ent) unique is we are the only promo company in the industry that has access to and offers exclusive features on over 250 global hip hop magazines, blogs, and websites as well as 50+ Spotify playlists,” Anthony says in a press release. “We also work with artists of all budgets and backgrounds, including major artists with multi-million dollar record deals and independent artists looking to get their music heard globally.

Everything is done with integrity and in a timely manner. We also treat all of our artists like family. We genuinely care about helping artists succeed, rather than just making a profit like most of these PR companies. We always encourage artists to shop around and when they do, they always find that we have the largest selection of media outlets available as well as the lowest prices.

You could go with another company, like Ayers Publicity, but you won’t receive the same type of personalized service and attention that we provide, will certainly pay much more for the same blogs we offer, and not get access to the 10+ years of experience, resources, and relationships we have. That’s what really makes us unique. We are the plug of the plug. In fact, the majority of these promo companies purchase and re-sell promo services from us.”

To date, Trillest executes its original business motto that attracts eager new artists from all over the world to ascend to superstar status. “We are always looking for new talented artists who want to get their music heard globally. You can visit our website or contact us on social media.”