The world needs more rock and roll, and Astoria State delivers precisely that with their righteous new single, “Leave It To Me.”

Let’s not overcomplicate things. The vast majority of music fans are not looking for the next artist to break the mold or challenge their interests. Consumers want a better version of the thing they already enjoy. If they like coffee, for example, then they are always on the hunt for the next great cup. If they love rock music, they are looking for a band called Astoria State.

“Leave It To Me,” the latest single from Astoria State, offers pure, unfiltered rock music. The track follows the life and inner monologue of someone who finds themselves in a rut. Life has given them a beating, but they refuse to submit to the will of the universe. The individual at the center of the song has heart and determination on their side. They will make the world a better place, both for them and those around them, no matter the cost.

Do you know who needs to hear this right now? All of us. If the last year has taught us anything, it is that we cannot take anything for granted. Our time on this planet is short, and without warning, something can come along and make it feel even shorter. We essentially lost a year of our lives due to the pandemic. We kept breathing and moving around on this blue ball floating in the endless expanse of space, but I wouldn’t call what we’ve endured the last eighteen months living. As things begin to reopen and we grasp for some sense of normalcy, we must approach the rest of our lives with an eagerness to seize every moment. You never know when something outside of our control will take everything away. “Leave It To Me” understands this, and its memorable chorus will empower you to pursue your dreams with every ounce of energy you possess.

Speaking about the song and video, Astoria State’s Danny Resnik offers:

“Leave It To Me” is just a good, old fashion rock song. It has these light verses that are very friendly and seem chipper though they serve almost as more of a confessional, or at least the reflections of someone who is beaten but not broken. This ‘confessional’ takes you through the roller coaster of emotions about defeat, self-doubt, criticism, apathy, and hopelessness. However, it winds right back up with this boost of confidence, self-assuredness, resolve, and an unbreakable mindset: We get knocked down, but we’re never out – We get up and try again. I’m gonna brush the dust off, lick my wounds, leave it behind and try again.”

He continues:

“The bottom line is in life, we all lose, and we all fail at times – everyone can feel sometimes defeated, depressed, inadequate. But what we do with those thoughts, how we react to them, and how we respond to them is what truly defines us. As long as we reflect, grow, and learn from it – then it all works out in the end. The “Leave It To Me” video was shot in a desolate but beautiful area of Hemet, California, by Sean Sweetman of Sweetman Media, on the same location as the “Nobody Knows” video shoot. It’s actually a prequel to the “Nobody Knows” video and will give the viewers a little more insight into where the crate came from and why it must be buried. There are more visuals in this series to come – and it leaves questions whose answers will be found in the succeeding video storylines.”

“Leave It To Me” is the follow-up to Astoria State’s wildly successful first single, “Nobody Knows.” That song received placement on Spotify’s New Noise, Loudwire Weekly Wire, Planet Mosh & GigSoup Rock Playlists, along with Apple Music Breaking Hard Rock and Pandora Amp Fresh Cuts Radio. The band will be on tour with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus through 2022.