A constant work in progress, Zero Theorem sound heavier than ever on Violent Idol’s remix of “Threat.”

We all know someone who thinks too highly of themselves. Maybe they believe they are stronger than they are or better looking. Perhaps they act like you were superior even though nothing could be further from the truth. Whatever the case, we all know these people, and we all want them to be knocked down a pig. Thankfully, the man of Zero Theorem has the perfect song for that occasion.
“Threat” is a Zero Theorem fan favorite. The group has been performing the song live for a while, and audiences everywhere relate to its message of grappling with an individual whose inflated sense of self-worth becomes a problem for everybody else. It is perhaps one of the most universal experiences of our modern age, but it’s rare to see someone put it in song. That alone makes what Zero Theorem has created unique and worthwhile, but the way it drives home its message backed by an avalanche of hard rock goodness behind it certainly helps.
Adding to the ferocity of “Threat” is Violent Idols, an electronic/industrial group known for their remix talent. Their presence on this track adds to the intensity and complexity of the song in ways that would otherwise be impossible to create. It’s not so much that they change what makes the original version so great, but they find a way to amplify the best aspects of the track without losing the message.
Today, Substream is excited to share both the new remix of “Threat” and its official visualizer. You can view the video created by YouTube artist Goop Wizard below.

Zero Theorem vocalist Caesar states: “Threat” is a direct warning shot aimed toward those with an inflated self-confidence or sense of superiority. It’s been a crowd-favorite and effective closer in live settings, and we were excited to learn Violent Idols was interested in doing a remix for it. Once we heard their take on the song, we felt it was a fitting finale to”The Killing” collection and a great bonus track for”The Killing Deluxe.”

Caesar continues, “Violent Idols have a unique approach to the electronic/industrial genre and how to blend them with hard rock and metal-which compliments some of our own experimentation and growth as a band. Also, it was exciting to have another vocalist join me on a song, and their frontman did an excellent job. Pushing the boundaries of Zero Theorem and collaborating with others is definitely something I could see us continuing in the future. The combination of the new song and visuals by Goop Wizard certainly takes the audience on a journey, and that was the goal.”

Zero Theorem is scheduled to join Fozzy on tour this July. Be on the lookout for more news soon.