Payton Moormeier, the Georgia-born, North Carolina-raised singer, has amassed an impressive social following over the past couple of years building his fanbase in to the millions via TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Payton has released multiple singles over the past year with some impressive videos to go along with them. His latest, 3AM, was literally inspired by a 3am call. “3AM is a very vulnerable song, very raw & emotional. I wrote it about a situation I was in where I was overthinking every little thing & basically ruining my mental state.” explains Payton. He incorporates real life events and challenging situations in his music creating songs that allow the listener to feel different emotions. This is what he loves the most about being an artist. With each release, Payton offers his truth and inner-most thoughts through the best way he knows how: music. (photo credit Jack Dytrych)  Stream 3AM on all platforms HERE.



We had the opportunity to catch up with Payton for a few questions regarding his life, music and coming tour. Here’s what he had to say!

Substream: Building social media and a fanbase is crucial for rising artists. What is the best part about being able to connect with fans around the world?
Payton: Always being able to find support and love behind me. I’ve gotten very lucky to have the fanbase I have and I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything.

S: Was music something you’ve always been passionate about and wanted to do? What inspired you?
PM: Yes, I got started by playing guitar when I was 9 or 10, I really loved Metallica back then and that’s all I wanted to learn, but I expanded my music taste & got into production later, but my grandfather was pretty good at guitar so he was also a helping hand in my inspiration.

S: What/who are your musical influences? AND who would you like to work with musically in the future?
PM: Blackbear, Dominic Fike, and Post Malone or my biggest musical inspirations right now, but I’d say Dominic Fike is a collab I’d love to see.

S: What artists/songs are at the top of your playlist right now?
PM: Bad intentions by Tuxx

S: How has your life changed socially over the years as you’ve built your fan base?
PM: I’ve obviously had to be more careful who I surround myself with so that plays a part, but it’s not that different just a little more security.

S: You’ll be touring with Boys of Summer this July hitting 24 cities across the country. Is this your first big tour? How are you preparing for it?
PM: Yes this is my first big tour and I’m about to get into rehearsals very soon!

S: If you have any advice for a young artist, what would that be?
PM: Please please please be confident and believe in your art. Don’t change it for anybody. There’s an audience for everything and you’ll find your path one day.


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