2020 saw the rise of a fresh new batch of hitmaking, trendsetting, innovative producers in hip-hop. One of the new kids providing today’s hot new artists with a signature sound is Virginia Beach’s own Jeremy “Mr. Wilson On The Beat” Wilson. Along with producing, the 31-year-old is a multi-talented, multicultural DJ and former radio personality for iHeartRadio. For production, the rising star creates a signature sound that is concocted by heavy bass, trendy elements, technique and worldly travels. The new producer has moved around the U.S a lot.

Wilson credits his sound to generational superproducers Pharrell Williams, Timberland and Teddy Riley. These kings supplied an iconic sound filled with a rump-shaking new jack swing that has been emulated by a generation of producers. Mr. Wilson On The Beat adopted similar hit-making qualities following countless hours of studying.

After providing a bulk of his buzzworthy work to plenty of the brightest names in underground hip hop, Mr. Wilson On The Beat scored a high-profile placement this year with the release of Chicago rapper Phor’s song, “On Sight” from his 2020 album, Self Love. Take a look at the visual above, “On Sight,” available on TSO music group.

Entering 2021, Wilson plans to expand his resume while exploring fresh new sounds that superstars can’t deny. For everything Mr. Wilson On The Beat, follow the emerging producer on Instagram.

Feel free to watch Mr. Wilson On The Beat-produced track “On Sight” by Phor.