Producer/songwriter Four Names is from Thousand Oaks, California. You may or may not know this, but that area is a hotbed for some of your favorite artists on your iPod. Here are the top 5:

  1. HUNNY

FN: First off, HUNNY is a nice group of gentlemen. They’re actually genuine friends of mine, and they came out of the ashes of many other local bands in the TO music scene.

SW: There are smarter ways of saying it, but I have an affinity for HUNNY.

FN: Same. I spent some time on tour with the band, and they always bring a fun attitude to every room they’re in. I appreciate how hard they work.

SW: HUNNY is certainly an entertaining bunch and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

FN: I’m also looking forward to this band’s future. I’ve been following ‘em since the beginning and they do NOT disappoint.

SW: I know I won’t change ur mind on that. Anyway, now we’re up to the HEAVY band.

  1. Strife

FN: Indeed. To me, Strife was a group of guys who mentored the kids in the local scene. They always did what they wanted and were honest with their message.

SW: They could easily overthrow it.

FN: Ha. I have so much respect for Strife. They’re VERY important to me and the heavy music world.

SW: And to you! You love them.

FN: Am I the only one? (pauses) No.

SW: They carry the (hardcore) torch, for sure. Speaking of fire bands…

  1. The Neighbourhood

FN: My love for The Neighbourhood and the people involved is on a familial level.

SW: You’ve seen the world with this group.

FN: Yup. I love how honest the band is with their art. They truly create real and solid material for themselves and the world responds positively.

SW: A lot of their melodies get stuck with me.

FN: Haha.

SW: I love you.


FN: I love Aaron Bruno’s work ethic.

SW: The dude has been in so many bands that have done quite well and influenced many musicians.

FN: And he was in the movie 42K. Watch that if you haven’t yet. A masterpiece by Darren Doane. We could write on article on his influence as well.

SW: I need to see it. It sounds radical (with or without Grouplove).

FN: It is. Aaron works his ass off and he has been an influence to many since his band Insurgence.

SW: And Hometown Hero! And Under The Influence Of Giants. Aaron is a fucking giant.

  1. Linkin Park

FN: And in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

SW: I can’t top that.