Shoot, dude. Dan Picarel of deathcore superstars The Underclassmen and I got together and wanted to do something different this time around. We both love Bring Me The Horizon and being silly. We ranked the band’s discography and only used its song titles to “explain” our rankings. It actually flows. At least we think so. (P.S. We’re not counting EP’s. Don’t @ me)
This is sempiternal:
6. Suicide Season (2008)
SW: No need for introductions, I’ve read about girls like you on the backs of toilet doors.
DP: It was written in blood.
5. Count Your Blessings (2006)
SW: Black & blue?
DP: A lot like Vegas.
4. Amo (2019)
SW: Ouch.
DP: Medicine?
3. That’s The Spirit (2015)
SW: Oh no.
DP: Run!
2. There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven Let’s Keep It a Secret. (2010)
SW: Don’t go!
DP: It never ends.
1. Sempiternal (2013)
SW: Go to hell, for heavens sake.
DP: Seen it all before.
We truly have. Listen to this playlist and (let them sing).