When Leighton Antelman first formed Lydia over fifteen years ago, things were quite different. Musically, personally, and even down to the band members that surrounded him in the band. And, despite a brief hiatus back from 2010-2011, Lydia has largely remained a mainstay in the indie/alternative music scene.

New music has come consistently from the band, most recently with 2018’s Liquor. Through their seven studio albums and a constant touring schedule, Lydia has always elected to continue to push themselves with each musical output, something that a quick play through of their discography would tell you they’ve accomplished.

And though 2020 has truly turned the music industry upside down, Antelman has embraced the change and is gearing up to release Lydia’s new album, I Was Someone Else, next Friday, November 20th. To promote the release, Lydia had previously released the album’s first single, “Heavy,” which was recently performed on Instagram Live by Antelman as a way to connect with fans during the current growing digital era.

To further promote the release, Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with Lydia to exclusively premiere the album’s newest single, “Might Get Lost Out Here.” The song is an indie dream, with an easy beat to clap and tap along to as you get lost in the sounds.

This was a song I wrote after taking some months away from music. In an attempt to clear out some noise,” Antelman tells Substream on “Might Get Lost Out Here.” “This was actually one of the first tunes I started messing with upon the inevitable return into the studio. It’s funny the things I can hear in it now listening back. How a note can take you right back to an exact moment is so wild. I hope this track and album can help you enjoy this time we have here.

Listen to the new song below, and pre-order I Was Someone Else from Lydia here.