Natalia Panzarella and Ruby Carr, the masterminds behind the dark electronic duo Bahari, have returned with their brand new song “:(”

“:(” is our first taste of new music from the duo since early 2018. This latest single follows the release of the band’s prior tracks “Fucked Up,” “Savage” and their July 2018 single “Chasers.”

While it’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything from them, it’s worth noting that this new single isn’t it for the duo! The band are currently in the studio working on an EP, which is slated to be dropped sometime this year!

But as for this single, a press release on the new track explains that it was aptly named “:(” after the two listened to the demoed song while they were driving. They both apparently liked the look of the sad face in the car’s radio dashboard, and they decided to go with it.

While the story of how the song came to be is pretty cute, don’t let that fool you. The duo’s lyricism and tone of the track isn’t as pretty. As the press release notes, the sorrowful track was written by both Panzarella and Carr in order to detail some of their personal struggles of trying to find the balance of dealing with life on the road and their personal relationships.

In a statement to Ones To Watch, about the inspiration behind their new track, Bahari revealed:

“Sometimes in a relationship, you give everything you have to a person and they don’t reciprocate that. It’s part of growing up; it’s learning that love isn’t enough sometimes if you aren’t being treated right. This song came to us from that moment of realizing that love isn’t everything in a relationship. There’s so much more to it and if that trust is broken there really is no going back.”

You can watch the official music video to Bahari’s “:(” below!

“:(” is available to purchase and stream on all platforms. You can get your copy of it here!