Hello. Kyle Rutchland and I used to play in a band together called Green Light Theory. Shit was tight. Kyle currently sings in a band called Havoc Faction and the band is gearing up to release some new tight material. Shit IS tight. So, we both love Atreyu, guitar heroics, and Parmesan cheese.

Long live Atreyu:

  1. Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (2002)

SW: Atreyu started its career by living each day like it was already dead.

KR: Ain’t love grand!

SW: I love how optimistic you are.

KR: I love Atreyu.

SW: I love Atreyu.

KR: Tulips aren’t better.

SW: This is a debut record from a band that would eventually release a curse.

KR: (throws up devil horns)

  1. Congregation Of The Damned (2009)

SW: Atreyu ended its Hollywood Records career by congregating with the damned.

KR: Stop! Before it’s too late and we’ve destroyed it all.

SW: You love opening tracks. (pauses) I do too.

KR: This one features my favorite Atreyu opening track.

SW: I always think of the classic classic Sylvester Stallone movie “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” when I hear that song…

KR: Girl, not same.

  1. Long Live (2015)

SW: (unintelligible screaming)

KR: Scott, are you starting to break?

SW: Kyle, I would kill/lie/die for you.

KR: That’s sweet… but reckless.

SW: This album is HEAVY. And angry. And heavily angry.

KR: And violent. CUT OFF THE HEAD!


KR and SW (yelling): CUT OFF THE HEAD!

SW: (breathes heavily)

KR: Great comeback album.

SW: Long live Atreyu.

  1. In Our Wake (2018)

KR: (singing) Who will we leave in our wake, in our wake, in our waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake?

SW: One two one two three four!

KR: New Atreyu is good Atreyu.

SW: Wait for it. Wait. For. It. Is their time now?


SW: FYI: I always thought that the word “the” was the word “our”.

KR: THE new deluxe edition of this record is certainly OUR house of gold.

  1. The Curse (2004)

SW: I started listening to Atreyu around the time that this album came out. I remember seeing them as direct support to The Used (with The Bronx and Head Automatica opening) at the Wiltern. Shit was tight.

KR: Cool story, bro.

SW: Fuck off. I’m going to put a curse on you.

KR: Please don’t. I’ve received enough demonology and heartache for one day.

SW: Sorry.

KR: It’s ok. You can join me on the right side of the bed.

SW: NOT sorry.

  1. A Death-Grip On Yesterday (2006)

KR: Originally I was surprised that this made the list as I thought it was an EP.

SW: Nah, bro. It’s nine songs and that’s an LP.

KR: Sick story so far.

SW: THE story so far.


SW: This album was the band’s last for Victory Records, and it’s badass that the closing track is called “Untitled Finale”.

KR: Untied finale?


  1. Lead Sails Paper Anchor (2007)

KR: Lead. Sails. Paper. Anchor.

SW: Fuck the haters: This album has everything an Atreyu fan SHOULD want. I still listen to it regularly.

KR: It’s amazing. I still lose it to LSPA.

SW: Epic.

Kyle and I both had the chance to catch Atreyu live last summer and the band is better than ever. Scope ‘em if you can, and listen to this playlist.