An eye-popping exploration of space and humanity, Zero Theorem’s video for “Translucent” is the best thing you’ll watch this week.

The imagery that has sustained rock music for the last three decades is dead. Rock bands trying to make a mark on their crowded genre need to offer listeners more than images and videos of band members performing in empty or abandoned spaces. It may cost more to set yourself apart, but investing in yourself is worth the added expenses, especially if you have a vision as ambitious and clear as Zero Theorem.

An exception to the rule that all rock bands in Los Angeles sound the same, Zero Theorem’s take on hard rock and metal makes people think by combining existential lyrics about the human experience with blistering instrumentation. The group follows the lead of bands such as Tool or Primus by creating an entire universe of sound and light for fans to explore. Listeners are encouraged to lose themselves in the art the band makes, and their videos are an extension of that creativity.

Today, Substream is proud to premiere the video for “Translucent,” the latest testament to Zero Theorem’s undeniable talent. Check it out:

Speaking about the song and video, vocalist Caesar says:

The song “Translucent” represents the act of seeing through one’s outward or public persona to identify the authentic self within. As with other songs throughout The Killing recordings, “Translucent” depicts a scathing character portrait while questioning the validity and usefulness of our artificial trappings.”

He continues, “In the accompanying video directed and animated by Elvis Freitas, a rogue alien leads an aerial and ground attack searching for a mysterious energy source on a foreign planet. The general and his forces ruthlessly overtake a group of translucent beings, capturing and assimilating the energy source in the process. We love the imagery, and it continues the animated themes we’ve been using for songs on the upcoming The Killing II EP.