It’s a world premiere.

Today, we introduce the phenomenal new singer/songwriter Johan Feder. The 24-year-old French singer/songwriter has generated a tremendous amount of interest with his traditional romantic sound and playboy-ish looks. Ready to step into the limelight, Johan Feder makes his worldwide introduction in the release of his new music video called “Shipwrecked.”

An acoustic song about the emotional rollercoaster that is falling in love. In the video, Johan Feder hits the beach for a moment of clarity, and with a beautiful love interest, he washes away his past and looks forward to his next relationship. A great love song for the summertime, Feder’s classical ingredients and unique vocals make a hypnotizing combination for the new audience.

Feder’s breakout song is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans. It’s sophisticated, layered, universal and game-changing. To new fans, he is dynamic, refreshing and arguably one of the best new songwriters in music. It’s only a matter of time before the megastar comes calling for collaborations.

On the song’s magnificent musical structure, Feder describes the production as the following: “The mix, production and master of the single are excellent on ‘Shipwrecked’ too. The layers of sophisticated instrumentation have room in the mix. There is a wonderful rise and fall in the instrumentation, which adds grace and harmony to the piece.”

“Shipwrecked” is quickly followed by Feder’s additional new song called, “Take On Me A-Ha.” The second release is another breakout song by Feder that will solidify himself as an undeniable mainstay in today’s music. Right now, Johan Feder’s music is automatic additions on so many popular playlists. In 2020, Feder will be one of music’s top prospects by major executives, guaranteed.

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“Shipwrecked” is available today on all DSPs via Sparkles Records. Watch it now.