Amidst the chaos and calamity, Them Evils is doing their part to unite us through the unwavering power of rock and roll.

The world is changing. That is always true to one extent or another, but it seems safe to say that the rate of change is occurring much quicker than before. People are taking to the streets to fight for what they know is right, and those in positions of power are finally beginning to listen. Human beings instinctively know when action must be taken, and we are seeing proof of that right now on every channel and social media feed on the planet. It is clear that work needs to be done, and when it’s over, the soundtrack to that celebration will be provided, at least in part, by Them Evils.

A fast-rising rock band with a promising future, Them Evils saw their plans for 2020 crumble with the spread of coronavirus in early March. All artists depend on performances to earn money and make new fans, but the abrupt halt to all concerts hurt up and comers like Them Evils the most. The group was looking forward to a year where every new release would be paired with tours and performances that would help establish their name in the rock world. Without live music, the band had to completely rethink their approach to promotion, but being backed into the corner proved creatively inspiring in the best possible ways.

“Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight?,” Them Evil’s latest single, is a celebration of all the things that make rock and roll great. It’s a timeless offering the captures the riff-heavy, fun-loving spirit of the genre and bottles it for mass consumption. The song brings to mind the restless spirit of early-2000s bands such as Jet and The Vines combined with the “anything can happen” mindset of the genre legends that came decades prior. The group isn’t trying to solve the world’s problems or claim they have any answers. Them Evils are trying their best to live in the moment, and in doing so, drink every ounce of life possible. They are willing to see where the night takes them, and if that night turns into morning, then so be it. “Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight?” is about going with the flow, and how relinquishing your false sense of control will lead to a more enjoyable life.

Now, obviously, the world isn’t in a place where partying all the time and seeing just how wild one night or experience can get is a priority. I think the message of “Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight?” and the outlook of Them Evils still has value because there is something to learn. Too many people refuse to change or listen to differing opinions. They allow themselves to believe they have everything figured out, and they choose to ignore their responsibility to make life better for their fellow humans if it means they must do something. Them Evils use their latest single, not to mention their growing catalog, to shine a light on the importance of admitting you don’t know everything. The best moments happen when we allow ourselves to be present in the moment because doing so requires us to pay attention to our surroundings and the experiences we share. If everyone could find a way to do that, maybe then we could start the dialogues needed to create lasting positive change for everyone. If that can happen, then the real party can begin, and Them Evils will be ready to help entertain the masses with their powerful take on rock and roll.