Dallas, Texas recording artist Curtis Mayz garners regional popularity due to his 2019 debut, “Fortune Lane.” After the debut’s long shelf life, Mayz returns with full-length anticipation in the new single, titled, “Dancin With Demons.” Equipped with a large draw and trendsetting wordplay, Mayz addresses his inner-demons to find divine tranquility.

Embodying the emotions of a current cultural climate, Mayz’s new single boasts confidence as he continues to rise up the top of ranks in the DFW landscape. Arising from the sunken place, he raps, “… gotta get high tryna get off the low, gotta get free tryna get off the boat.” Fighting his fears and helping others conquer do the same, Curtis Mayz’s skills earn him the title of “Next breakout star.”

“Dancin With Demons” is the lead to Curtis Mayz’s forthcoming project called Car Tunes. Scheduled for late-2020, the upcoming album explores the internal struggles we as humans face daily unbeknownst to the world.

Available on CMG, stream the new Car Tunes single below. Afterward, follow Curtis Mayz on Twitter for daily updates and more.