The four-piece band, Swimming With Bears, showcases a handful of songs that present the next chapter for the band with themes of truth and escapism.

The vulnerability and personal lyrics bring out upbeat and fun tracks that everyone can relate to. 

The self-titled EP, which was released in 2019, marks a period of growth for the band, who spent the better half of last year perfecting their craft not only in the studio but also on tour.

On Friday, Swimming With Bears released the music video for “Do It,” which gives fans a glimpse of band life during quarantine while attempting to keep the music alive even when socially apart.

“It was during our first tour of 2020 that we started hearing rumors of a virus called Covid-19. As most artists can testify when you are on tour the news and even the specific day is all a blur and you just live from hotel to someone’s couch or whatever is right in front of you. Once home and while getting ready for the next tour in May, our booking agency informed us touring would be cancelled across the board. As we all listened to incoming news it all dawned on us how our lives would be affected, there would be no touring or interacting with the fans we love, instead, we would be connected only through the digital world. 


The quarantine has in itself been both a curse and a blessing, while on one hand, it has effortlessly put our plans of world domination with our music on hold and any usual socializing with others on hold as well. The blessing however is it has given us much needed time to start working on new music and projects. Mentally it has been a personal up and down for everyone, somedays you wake up with the purpose to kick butt, and then somedays you wake up and just stare at the ceiling fan all day. Mushrooms have become the new fad around the band house; taking group “vacations” and playing in the backyard seem to be some of the fondest memories we have built as a group. This year will definitely go down as a special year but we’re still creating epic music and as bears do we are hibernating and waiting for “Music Spring” to once again wake us up.”