Boise, Idaho’s Young, Planetary formed back in 2013, and are on their way after a few setbacks early in their career. Some artists don’t make it through such a gnarled history, but there was something that kept pushing them forward and stopped them from throwing in the towel.

All of that has proved to be worth it, as Young, Planetary have finally come into their own on their upcoming release, Locations I Can’t Place (due out August 6th via Hidden Home Records). The new, 6-track EP tells nostalgic stories of love (both finding and losing it), extensive life experiences, and the notion of individual progress. The EP revolves around the idea of learning from your past, and growing from every live experience.

The title itself, “Locations I Can’t Place,” comes from a lyric in the third track ‘Stung.’ “[The lyric] is about kind of going through life and having these experiences that change you for the better,” says frontman Trevor Villagrana. “[The memories] are really confusing and kind of uncomfortable in the moment but take you out of your comfort zone.”

Driven by Villagrana’s conceptual focus, producer Aaron Williams helped push his vocal performance to the next level from previous Young, Planetary material. Each individual band member brought their A-game instrumentally, and the result is a tightly organized ensemble of songs that they’ve always been desiring to release.

Today, Substream is excited to team up with Young, Planetary to exclusively premiere their new single, “Separate Rides Home,” a day before it hits streaming platforms.

Check out our exclusive stream below, and pre-save the album here, or via Bandcamp here. Locations I Can’t Place will see a vinyl release later this year via Hidden Home Records.

All proceeds from “Separate Rides Home” will go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund until the EP drops on August 7th.