Joe McLeod is the embodiment of Canadian: kind, approachable, and down to earth. The singer-songwriter blurs the lines of indie-folk and pop in his diverse lyric writing which brings a refreshing sense of storytelling and youth. The catchy hooks both acoustically and with his full band allow his powerfully emotive vocals to soar. 

With his new single, “Those Who Can Wait,” McLeod sings “Call me if you ever, fall you don’t have to hold it all,” reminding listeners to cherish the people and memories that hold us up even when our world seems to be crashing down- which is relevant now more than ever.

Joe has been working on the production and recording of his debut album with members of The Elwins. After opening for The Rural Alberta Advantage and being booked on the major festival circuit, this small town musician shows no signs of slowing down. 

When it comes to “Those Who Can Wait,” Joe comments “This song to me, creates an atmosphere when listening. The relationship and simplicity between the lyrics, piano, and string movements is what creates that atmosphere. I am really proud of this song and believe it lends a deeper understanding of who I am as a songwriter. I think this song is a really honest look into how people drift apart and how often enough, they do come back together if it is meant to be. My favorite songs in the world make me feel something so unique and meaningful, I can only hope this song does the same for someone else.”

The song can be streamed here.