South Beach has another big name behind the lens in Haitian director, DRAMAFLS.

The most sought-after Miami-native, born Thiery Kern Sanon, grew up with a love for the arts and Hip-Hop which led to becoming a recording artist and videography as an adult. What distinguishes DRAMAFLS from most is his pride for his Haitian culture that is displayed in every frame.

Working with fellow up-and-coming sensations like MiG Argon help propelled the director into the highest-paid Haitian American videographer. And with the increase came with bigger clientele in music seeking his direction. A stacked resume, originality and popularity makes DRAMAFLS a talent that is destined for award-winning stature within the near future.

Established firmly at the top, DRAMAFLS continues to push the envelope, create avenues for the future to follow and embark on the next phase of his career which includes cinema both feature and television. In the meantime, he is still creating innovative visuals for some of the biggest and brightest in the Hip-Hop.

Check out a sneak preview of the upcoming visual with MiG Arogan.

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