It’s not science, but Incubus’ eight albums truly truly rule in an academic or non-academic sense. Like me, Kyle Rutchland is an Incubus super-fan, and the two of us actually saw the band play a solid set together in San Diego with Deftones a few years ago (more on that band in another article); I first saw Incubus live opening for 311 on Long Island three hundred years ago when I was a spry 200.

Enjoy (Incubus) our 100% subjective (Incubus) album ranking catalog list in the morning (view) or in the evening. Or don’t. Whatever. BAM:

  1. If Not Now, When? (2011)

KR: I revisited this album for this article.

SW: Promises, promises?

KR: Good song.

SW: Good song.

KR: Slow album.

SW: It was an act of defiance.

KR: The band was far from adolescents when it created this record. (pauses) It shows in a “grown up” way.

SW: I mean, if not now, when?

  1. Fungus Amongus (1995 – the track on our playlist at the end of this piece was originally on this record and eventually re-released 1997’s Enjoy Incubus EP)

KR: I was five years old when this album came out.

SW: WOW. Speaking of numbers, I’m feeling trouble in 421. (pauses) Get it?

KR: (ignores him) Funky Amongus.


KR: It’s the answer.

SW: Speak free, Kyle. Speak. Free.

KR: Scott, this record certainly paved the way for S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and its subsequent follow-ups.

SW: Speak free, Kyle. Speak. Free.

  1. Light Grenades (2006)

KR: It didn’t take me that long to dig this record.

SW: I see (with the help of Light Grenades) what you did there.

KR: Love hurts.

SW: Love scars.

KR: Love wounds and marks.

SW: Mr. Rutchland, do we need a kiss to send us off?

KR: Not yet, we still have five more albums to cover.

SW: Love hurts.

  1. 8 (2017)

KR: Indeed. Onto the band’s newest album. “No Fun” may be my third favorite opening track from an Incubus album.

SW: Cool story, bro.

KR: (cries)

SW: Stop crying! You’ll make a sound in the digital forest!

KR: I’ll become a man soon.

SW: Girl, same.

KR: ANYWAY, I revisited this album for this article as well and I realized that it’s quite underrated.

SW: Girl, same.

  1. A Crow Left Of The Murder (2004)

KR: No Incubus album sounds the same. This record in particular was extremely unique and experimental.

SW: Full disclosure: If I ranked this list without Kyle, A Crow Left Of The Murder would’ve been number two. Just saying.

KR: Priceless. (pauses) The album art reminds me of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

SW: Suck my kiss.

KR: Here in my room?

SW: No.

  1. Morning View (2001)

KR: Nice to know you, Scott.

KR and SW (singing): GOODBYE!

SW: Hee hee.

KR: Warning: I love this album.

SW: Kyle, it wasn’t just a phase?

KR: No.

SW: Wait. Wait. WAIT! Is there an echo here?

KR: Maybe in Mexico.

SW: Wish I were there.

KR: Wish YOU were here.

SW: Wish JEW were here.

KR: (sighs)

  1. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (1997)

SW: This is the first Incubus album that I ever heard. “New Skin” was on a compilation that I listened to in high school and I was hooked.

KR: Did it redefine you?

SW: Actually, kinda. “Redefine” is my second favorite Incubus song, and my second favorite opening track from Incubus.

KR: Second place is the first loser.

SW: (laughs)

KR: S.C.I.E.N.C.E. still holds up.

SW: Totally.

  1. Make Yourself (1999)

KR: Privilege.

SW: Privilege.

KR: Make.

SW: Yourself.

KR: I think we’re done here.

SW: Stellar.

This list gives me the warmth. So does this Spotify playlist. When it comes, you’ll know.