Take 5 has been a tradition here at Substream for an incredibly long time. While it has been missing for a little bit of time (most recently running in December as a special Holiday Five edition). However, during all of the strange and uncertain things going on around us in the world — most of us are quarantined inside our homes — there’s no better time than now to bring back the Take 5 feature.

For now, this feature will run more than once a week, as we have a lot of great guest contributors lined up. Much like December’s Holiday 5, this will be a special variant with guest contributors — except this time, they’re sharing…well, sorta whatever. It could be a list of activities they’re doing to pass the time during this odd period of time, maybe a list of books they’re reading, shows they’re binging, or whatever it might be that interests them.

Our latest feature comes from Static Cycle frontman Jared Navarre, who shared the five things they’re doing while practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic!


  1. Stranger Things – OMG have you ever heard of this new show? Haha… I’ve been self-isolating and writing music for way too long, apparently I’ve missed some good television.
  2. Building out a Home Gym – Gotta stay in shape to stay sane. Ordered way too much equipment to try to build out my own replica of the YMCA.
  3. Not Watching Sports – I curl up in the fetal position and shake in the morning instead of watching NBA League Pass. When will the withdrawals stop?
  4. Music Music Music – I’ve written three songs in the last week. All of my emotions around this unreal global event are being poured into new music.
  5. Working on Props and Set Pieces for the Live Show – Since I’ve got the time, I’m digging more into the actual costumes and set pieces that are part of our crazy, immersive live show. Just you wait. When we come out of hiding, you’re about to experience a live show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.