Sparkee is an award-winning recording artist best known for his hit song, “Feel It”. LIINKS is a popular new artist with over 10 million views and a Top 10 debut in Ridge Road. Together, the two titans come together for a soon-to-be colossal new hit for the dancefloor, intriguingly-titled, “’84”.

Taking it back to the 80s, the new song is a heavy retro-driven production that features Sparkee’s signature NuDisco-style which consists of the funk-filled basslines, syncopated synth hooks, and all-around groove. LIINKS adds an energetic new school vibe that amplifies the song’s bass and creates an irresistible song that will have fans instantly wanting to attack the dance floor. The new collaboration ignites excitement for more collaborations from the two stars in the near future.

Sparkee on making the new song, “I really wanted to make a fun feel-good track with a retro vibe. I made a disco-pop beat and spiced it up with some funky guitars and bass. I sent the instrumental over to LIINKS and they absolutely nailed it! Working with LIINKS is so fun – they always exceed my expectations.”

“ We love working with Sparkee and when he sent us the beat it gave us big 80’s pop vibes,” LIINKS response about Sparkee. “It made us think about the first time we met and how it felt like dejavu…like we had been in that moment before…so we went with that retro theme and it all just kind of fell into place..”

Retroactive, next-generational and radio-ready, Sparkee and LIINKS new collaboration will reach the top of the charts in no time. The song’s vibe will attract newfound fans and create an exploration of the two artists to see where there story goes next on Instagram. “’84” is streaming now on all DSP via Sparkee Music.