I will personally Venmo the first person that can actually convince me of the fact that they haven’t felt even the least bit consumed by the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding their life offline right now. And I mean that. Personally, it’s starting to feel like there’s a shroud of darkness slowly approaching my line of sight…and that means that it’s high time for me to search for a sense of escape in the music that I’m listening to. I tend to look for huge, buoyant hooks and stupid catchy melodies to help me feel like I can keep my head above water. With this, I’m excited to say that in the time of social distancing, I’m here for you with a brand new FRND CRCL that you don’t have to leave your house to feel connected to.

There’s a sense of familiarity that radiates from the brand of pop-punk that FRND CRCL is responsible for. Their clever lyricism and often tongue-in-cheek delivery is akin to bands that helped bring pop-punk to living rooms in the late 90s and early aughts. Previously released singles like “Loose Cannon” and “Famous” have drawn comparison to names like blink-182, The Front Bottoms, and All Time Low…with just a sprinkling of Hot Action Cop to keep things interesting. The band isn’t afraid to breathe levity back into a genre that often takes itself too seriously. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another band that claims pop-punk and isn’t afraid to evenly distribute their weight across both halves of the whole.

Until now, we’ve only really been introduced to the enigmatic pop side of what FRND CRCL has to offer, so I couldn’t be more excited to share what’s lurking on the other side of that coin. Today, I’ve teamed up with the band to share a new song called “Deception” from their debut album, Internet Noise, due to be released on May 1st. The track is angrier and more intense than anything else that we’ve heard from the band and they waste no time building off of the palpable sense of tension that drives the track. The story here is jaded and melancholic, opting to revel in the melodrama of heartbreak rather than to try and play it off. It’s a stark contrast to the bright and colorful energy that we’ve come to associate with the band’s past work and visuals, but what’s color without a little contrast?

You can stream “Deception” below and pre-order the new album Internet Noise here.