Danny Goo is a rising star amidst a new generation of upcoming indie artists who transcend any one genre. That’s a common thing that people use to describe their artwork, and Danny is simply no exception to the statement.

The Dallas, Texas-native uses his charming vocals to deliver plainspoken emotional vulnerability, accompanied by minimalist pop and a modern R&B flair. Danny Goo would look right at home at Height Ashbury int he 60’s, Seattle in the 90’s, or Manchester at the peak of the Stone Roses. It’s an eclectic sound that came to Danny at a very young age, as he immersed himself in the sights and sounds of all kinds of different musical communities. Like many of us, he fell in love with music festivals where his wide-ranging musical taste was often represented.

Danny Goo is on a mission to spread love, peace, and positivity, broadcasted through a fresh lens that welcomes the energy and hooks of Warped Tour acts like All American Rejects, the passionate delivery of pop-punk revivalists The Story So Far, and the confessional balladry of Frank Ocean.

His debut EP for Atoned Music is a six-song confessional that details the rise and fall of a romantic relationship. Produced by longtime collaborator JoJo Centineo, Feel For You is a dreamy mash-up of classic pop-rock and neo-soul that is destined to become one of your favorite releases of the year.

Today, Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with Danny Goo to be bringing you another taste of his growing discography, to exclusively premiere his new single, “Repeat It.”

On the track, he shares, “For the first time in my life I felt needed by someone else. It made me happy beyond belief, and I felt like I was finally complete. However, once the relationship ended I found myself a lost mess. What I once had that made me feel whole was now gone leaving me feeling like I could never be complete again. I desperately tried to win her back, to win my old complete self back causing me to fall deeper into my own pain. I had to realize deep down nobody can complete me except for myself. Regardless of who comes and goes in my life I will always be enough for me. My happiness can’t be dependent on anyone except for myself.”

Listen to the heart-breaking, yet stunning, new single from Danny Goo below.