Phoebe Ryan is no stranger to sharing personal details of her life through songwriting. Today she is sharing the emotional new music video for her single “Ring,” a track that details how someone moving on before you can feel like a fresh heartbreak all over again. The video sees Ryan take a swim in a lake while wearing a wedding dress and proceed to destroy it upon her return to the sand.

“I get tunnel vision when I’m in love, and I think I’m always in love,” Phoebe shares. “This song in particular still hurts my feelings when I listen to it.”

Her muse in an Iron Maiden t-shirt continues to inspire lyrics of heartbreak through a reference back to one of Ryan’s biggest singles, “James Has Changed.”Crafting her own unique brand of pop, Ryan has been composing infectious bops to the sound of visceral heartache.

“Ring” follows on the heels of a string of singles released in the last year, including “ICIMY,” the lead single from her upcoming debut album, How It Used To Feel (out June 26th).

Check out the music video for “Ring” below: