“All the rap niggas tried to back door you / Lame niggas only cool on the Pro Tools,” City P raps.

“1-Time” — the song and video featuring the new West Coast artist City P with fellow new school act Lil Kayla and emerging producer HollaTheTruth — was released the top of April (April 3). But the song is quickly receiving viral attention due to the new artist’s magnetic wordplay, aligned with Kayla naturally soft vocals. The song’s concept came from HollaTheTruth’s foundation, who has been also been building popularity for himself with his signature West Coast vibe and refreshing creativity. This is the first of a healthy working relationship between all parties involved.

The track is dedicated to the “sexy ass independent” women, and City P does an extremely impressive job getting his point across.”1-Time” is a new single off City P’s Summer In The City project, which will be arriving via Official Bizness Entertainment. If the full-length release is anything like this, then there’s no doubt City P will propel into stardom.

Both “1-Time” and Summer in the City is streaming now on all DSP via Official Bizness Ent. For more on City P, follow him on social media.

Watch City P’s new video below.