Los Angeles based Lauren Rocket has signed with Substream Records. You can check out the music video for RATTLESNAKE launched now via the InVogue Records YouTube channel here. RATTLESNAKE available on all streaming platforms.
Rocket’s label debut single is due out next month and an EP featuring a fresh collection of songs this summer.
With Rattlesnake, I wanted to write a song about living life dangerously, doing what you want daily and enjoying your limited time here while imposing a strong belief in trying everything at least once.  When I got in the studio with my co writers Jason Bell and Jordan Miller (aka HEAVY) they totally got the vibe and concept and we kind of effortlessly weaved our way through the song.  I wanted Rattlesnake to not only convey that lyrically, but I wanted it to feel alive (rattlesnakey) in a sense.” quoted by Lauren Rocket.
“Lauren Rocket has a unique sound that immediately caught my attention. We are excited to be working with her.” – Jason McMahon, Substream Records
Substream Records is a brand new label launched by Jason McMahon (Substream Magazine) and Nick Moore (InVogue Records founder). The label signed a deal in late 2019 with The Orchard / Sony. “The main focus of Substream is to find the best up and coming talent regardless of genre for the world to hear”, explains the labels co-founder, Nick Moore.
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