Los Angeles-based creative Kyree Hollis is shaping the music industry one campaign at a time. “I would describe myself as a creative ambitious person who isn’t going to settle,” he recites. The digital marketing strategist is making major waves, working with notable acts like Lil Uzi Vert, Cam’ron, and Yo Gotti to name a few. He constantly connects producers and artists, A&Ring successful records and pushing social media engagement. Hollis is by far one of the most unique one-man shops in the music industry.

In our recent interview, we spoke with Kyree Hollis about his role in the music industry, recent work, and dream collaboration amongst other things. Read the complete conversation below.

If anyone were to ask who is Kyree Hollis, how would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a creative ambitious person who isn’t going to settle. I’m not looking for opportunities, rather I create them. Being complacent is something that I’m afraid of. I’m a deep thinker always trying to find the answers to everything. I use those qualities in my business practices to help me succeed.

What do you do in the music industry?

I do digital marketing in the music industry, as well as work with artists and producers, build their brand and social media. Doing things such as connecting them with other artists, A&R, sourcing publishing and record deals, and social media engagement to name a few.

<h3<Having already seen viral success on Triller, how do continue to keep doing numbers?

I try to stay current and make videos to songs that I think are gonna be big. Sometimes I know a song Is going to be big however I just can’t think of a cool storyline for the video. One goal I always have for my videos is if somebody doesn’t say “WTF” or laugh at my video then I didn’t do something right, There should always be that weird/abnormal moment in my video, I try to think outside the box.

Do you recall the last project you worked on?

I worked on Cam’ron’s 2020 album Purple Haze 2 back in January. It was a pretty interesting rollout, but overall it proved to be quite successful. I also Tank God ad Smooky Margiela’s collaborative project, Soveriengthy, which dropped this month.

Who are some of the artists you want to work with?

I would love to work with Kanye. I feel as if he is very creative and goes against cultural norms. I also would like to work with Halsey. I’m a fan of her music as well as her brand. It’s amazing how big she has built her brand in such a short period of time.