It’s not a beautiful mistake that the band released its first batch of songs in fourteen years a few days ago. In fact, it’s technically correct AND beautiful. After you read this piece on the top ten bands to come from San Diego with Josh Hagquist of The Beautiful Mistake, please buy/stream the band’s new Wiretap Records EP You’re Not Broken. I Am.:
  1. No Knife

SW: I saw No Knife perform with Jimmy Eat World and Seam at TRAMPS in NYC in the 90s. I wish that I could’ve seen the band rock SD.

JH: Funny that you say that: No Knife always felt like an East Coast band to me.

SW: Pizza > Tacos

JH: Are we talking Chicago pizza or New York pizza?

SW: I have a short term memory: I’ll pick New Jersey pizza.

JH: ANYWAY, No Knife was one of those bands that I thought sounded “fresh” in the 90s. The band was certainly doing something different for the local San Diego scene, AND for music in general.

SW: Agreed. This band is total “cred” band. I wish that it was as large as the movie “Titanic”.

JH: No Knife certainly blew your hair back.

  1. Cattle Decapitation

SW: Better than having your head cut off, amirite?

JH: Sure.

SW: Dude, you’re such an earthling. I don’t need these one word answers.

JH: Sorry. (pauses) I think that CD deserves inclusion on this and every list because of the band’s longevity, thematic and distinct viewpoint, and general rockness.

SW: The rockness monster?

JH: Sure.

SW: (groans)

JH: Brutal. Grindcore. Epic.


  1. Delta Spirit


SW: Oh it’s back.

JH: I love the vocals in this band. I love the band’s instrumentation. I love The Delta Spirit.

SW: I’m definitely not running away from its inclusion here. (pauses) Get it? (pauses) Like the song “Running”? (pauses) From “The Walking Dead”? (pauses) Get it?

JH: Sure.

SW: Fall into a trashcan, bro.


SW: Wow.

JH: This band doesn’t get enough love. I’ll hold my end up here.

  1. Buck-O-Nine

SW: I’ll hold my horns down here.

JH: I saw Buck-O-Nine in 1993.

SW: All of these numbers are confusing.

JH: I heard “I Don’t Want to Be No (J.B.J.)” and I was hooked immediately.

SW: I heard the band’s Joe Jackson cover and I was hooked immediately.

JH: Bro, you’re the man.

SW: Bro, I can’t believe that you said that.

JH: Ska.

SW: Ska.

  1. Pierce The Veil

JH: Speaking of ska, here’s Pierce The Veil.

SW: Before today, I may have agreed with you. Today I don’t.

JH: I love Pierce The Veil. I love Vic’s voice. It has phantom power and ludicrous speed.

SW: I could talk in circles about how talented this band is; it hit me from the first punch.

JH: The Beautiful Mistake had the chance to tour with Before Today over ten years ago.

SW: All of these numbers are confusing.

JH: I also like the song “Million Dollar Houses (The Painter)”.

SW: I see what you did there. My love for you is still bulletproof.

  1. Pinback

JH: Shots fired: It’s good to sea this band listed so high here.

SW: I have a request: Can you grab me some Pinback vinyl at a local San Diego shop?

JH: I can make that dream a reality.

SW: (fist bumps Josh)

JH: Pinback has a massive amount of cred in San Diego. One might say that Pinback is entrenched in cred.

SW: That’s a solid album name: Entrenched in cred.

JH: Proceed that album name to memory!

  1. Stone Temple Pilots

JH: Fuck yeah.

SW: Fuck yeah.

  1. Unwritten Law

JH: Fuck yeah, Unwritten Law.

SW: Bro. BRO! Bro. The singer of this band stole my name.

JH: Poway gets a lot of love on the latter half of this list.

SW: Respect. I’ll love this band for the rest of my life.

JH: When I think about Unwritten Law, I’m definitely not seein’ red. (pauses) I’m seeing blue.

SW: I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa.

JH: (puts his face in his hands)

SW: Josh, stop being such a mean girl.

JH: K.

  1. Rocket From The Crypt


JH: Two words: Scream, Dracula, Scream.

SW: Wait. What?

JH: Are your livers too young to get the joke?

SW: Unlike you I was born after ’69.


SW: Sorry. I’ll break it up. (pauses) I’ll drop out. (pauses) I’ll run kid run.


SW: (Scott shuts up)

JH: Rocket From The Crypt is the ULTIMATE band. It is what rock and roll should always be forever more.

SW: (nods)

JH: I know.

SW: (nods more feverishly)

  1. Blink-182

JH: Blink.

Listen to Rocket From The Crypt’s “Scream, Dracula, Scream!” after you check out the new TBM EP. Burnt alive.